Winnie The Degen


I have planned a bullet-proof roadmap to get $WINNIE to the moon! Will you join me?

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$WINNIE Genesis

$WINNIE Token was created on 21st of March 2024. Mint & Freeze Authority were revoked.

$WINNIE Audits

2 independent audits were performed on Winnie The Degen. We take the security of our community very seriously. Check for more info,

Fairlaunch Presale

The Fairlaunch campaign happened on Pinksale.Finance. $WINNIE managed to get 290 SOL in funding and launched on Raydium at $300K MarketCap

NFT Collection (IN PROGRESS)

An exclusive NFT collection is being prepared. Airdrops, giveaways and many interactions to come. Stay tuned…

Sticker & GIF packs (IN PROGRESS)

I want to be everywhere. This is why I ordered very talented illustrators to create a pack of Stickers for Telegram, Viber & WhatsApp. GIF packs with MEMES to come shortly after that!

Influencer Marketing Campaign (IN PROGRESS)

I am preparing a huge Influencer marketing campaign over all the social media – Telegram, YouTube, X, Instagram, and Threads. After all, why am I doing all this fuss if not to become the star of the Bull Run?!?

Token Listings (IN PROGRESS)

$WINNIE is already listed on DEX Tools, DEX Screener, and GeckoTerminal. CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko, are currently pending. The more the better – I like seeing my face everywhere :).

Community Collaborations (IN PROGRESS)

Winnie The Degen Team is working on various collaborations with NFT and other Crypto projects Communities. Check our Subber Community to join:

TheDegen.Store (IN PROGRESS)

The biggest store created by Degens for Degens. You will be able to buy merch and personalized products from various projects that we collaborate. The store is under construction and will take some time while creating the collabs themselves.

Farming rewards (UPCOMING)

A farming rewards campaign will be launched for users who contribute to the Liquidity pools so we can create a true decentralized and community-owned MEME Coin.

Airdrops (UPCOMING)

Several Airdrops will distribute $WINNIE to hundreds of thousands of active and engaged wallets based on various indicators.

Lending, Staking, and Perpetuals (UPCOMING)

I will do my best to get $WINNIE on MarginFi, Kamino Finance, Drift, and other DeFi platforms to allow users to Lend, Stake, and trade Perpetuals.

Multi-Chain Expansion (UPCOMING)

Solana is the best blockchain for MEME Coins, but even Solana isn’t big enough for a DEGEN like me. I plan to launch $WINNIE on Base, TON Chain, Polygon and others at some point in the future after we reach a $50M MarketCap

Launch on CEXs (UPCOMING)

As soon as we reach the $100 Million Market Cap, I will do my best to launch $ WINIE on Coinbase, Binance, and KuCoin. The smaller CEXs should come even sooner.

To the MOON and beyond!

Why should we limit ourselves to the Moon? There are so many other planets and even other Galaxies…