Winnie The Degen


Winnie The Degen has a 400,000,000 $WINNIE Treasury for Airdrops to different users.

Read below and subscribe to our social media to find out how you can qualify for the $WINNIE airdrops!

How to qualify for $WINNIE airdrops?

There are several ways to qualify for $WINNIE airdrops. You can do all of them and increase your airdrop allocation:

1. OG $WINNIE Role on Winnie The Degen Discord

Join our Discord server and check all channels in the IMPORTANT SECTION to see how to qualify for the OG $WINNIE Role. After you qualify you should still keep your activity to keep your role. OG role is a very special role in every community and it must be earned and protected.

2. Join our ZEALY Campaign and earn as many points as possible

Join our Zealy Campaign. Do your QUESTS and earn points. At the time of the Airdrop, the TOP 100 users in the leaderboard will get additional bonuses.
IMPORTANT: Some tasks in ZEALY are one-time, but some are weekly and daily tasks. Also, we may add new tasks over time, so make sure that you are coming back to our Zealy Community to check if there are new tasks.

To raise awareness, there will be also airdrops to different active wallets on SOLANA and other Networks in the future. (E.g. Solana Saga Genesis Token, Solana Chapter 2 Preorder Token holders, etc.). These airdrops will be announced when they are being dropped. The Treasury WILL NOT be dropped all at once, but distributed over time to different wallets. For more information check this page from time to time.

Airdrop Treasury & Airdropped $WINNIE

Here we will keep track of the current Airdrop Treasury status and will list past airdrops. You can check this page from time to time to stay tuned on the Winnie The Degen Airdrops.

Airdrop Treasury400000000


The Airdrop Treasury is currently LOCKED on Pinksale.FINANCE. You can check the lock here: