Winnie The Degen YIELD


We are working on an exclusive collection of 5,555 NFTs for Winnie The Degen, earning a YIELD from TheDegen.Store.

Read below to find out how the NFTs earn yield and how you can qualify for the NFT white list or even airdrop.

NFT Yield & $WINNIE Burn

There are 2 separate sources for NFT yield and $WINNIE Burn:

The first source is Winnie The Degen NFTs royalties of 15%. 1/3 (5%) of the royalties will be paid to the developers, and the other 2/3 (10%) will be used to buy $WINNIE of which:

Half will be burned & the other half distributed as yield to NFT holders

The second source is the revenue of TheDegen.Store. Part of the revenue will be used to buy $WINNIE and again

Half will be burned & the other half distributed as yield to NFT holders

Types of NFTs and their YIELD

Winnie The Degen NFT collection will have the standard types of NFTs with different rarity, floor price and yield.

– Different NFT types will be released with different floor prices, corresponding to their yield power
– NFTs will be stackable. This means that one wallet may hold more than one NFT and yield will be distributed to NFTs according to their YIELD power.
– PFP NFTs are planned for future release and mint and will not be released together with the regular Winnie The Degen NFT collection. They will be exclusive and issued in a very limited number and therefore will cost more than Legendary NFTs, but will earn the same yield.

How to get Winnie The Degen NFTs?

1. Every Wallet that holds at least 100K Winnie The Degen Tokens will be whitelisted:

2. You can get whitelisted in Subber giveaways:

3. You will get a Winnie The Degen NFT for free IF:
You bought $WINNIE from the fair launch presale and did not sell it until the NFT mint
You have an OG $WINNIE role on our Discord server at the time of snapshot before the NFT mint (places are limited!)
You join the LP Farming campaign for Winnie The Degen Tokens
You take part in the #WAKEUPWINNIE campaign (stay tuned on Discord)

More information about the exact steps on how to qualify for a FREE Winnie The Degen NFT can be found on our Discord Server. Please read carefully all channels in the IMPORTANT section.