Working Statement

This ongoing body of work includes autobiographical prints, sculptures and installations that address vulnerability, relationships, and celebration. Through examining my role in a family dynamic fractured by alcoholism, and with the new found sobriety of a loved one influencing me greatly, I’m able to document and work through past, current and future struggles in my practice. 

Place and memory are also significant in my work and are represented in many different ways and combinations, through symbols, lyrics, artifacts and photographic documentation that have become pertinent to my method of storytelling. Crushed cans and literature about families and addiction juxtaposed with celebratory imagery help to illustrate the complex dynamic that exists and is forever growing and changing. By working in a subdued, often almost bleak color palate, with translucent or delicate materials and hand-sewing I address themes of fragility, security, and reminiscence. Through repetitive stitching, one weak piece of thread is able to create a tight bond or reconstruct what was once broken just like through continued acts ofunderstanding and nurturing, relationships can be repaired. 

The struggles that my family and I have gone through can now be turned into something positive. I hope to add to a greater, preexisting dialog by being transparent with issues that usually take place in homes, locked behind closed doors and celebrate the struggles and victories won every day by those who battle in silence and choose a life of sobriety.