Cradled by Nature

In my work I explore sleep and its connection to vulnerability, the natural world and feminity. Fabric also plays an important role as I try to examine its connection to feeling of security or as a means of escape from the world around us. This present body of work features prints that draw from my performative self-portrait photo series, representations of materials that are related to sleep such as beds, nightgowns, and enviornmental elements that have local roots.

As this body of work developed, I was confronted with thoughts and issues that have forced me to analyze my childhood, upbringing and family structure. Although I have always felt overwhelmingly vulnerable, I also took on the role of a protector for my family for the better part of my life. These observations and realizations have inspired my practice and raised questions that I am seeking to answer. What does it mean to be vulnerable? What factors influence how one experiences it?